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The new Screen

hey people Look at the new screen !

its cool rigth its the new screen !

~20toaster and salwan4


Club Penguin Thinking About Japan

Hey everyone when . everyone thinking about Japan they have earth quick and tsunami . look at the pic below fro CP penguin’s


~20toaster and salwan4

New Game, New Launch Date

The game Called Bits & Bolts

Hey people did you know yesterday . a new Game its din’t came  out . by case they din’t finish .

here is  A pic the games look like


So its will be out the  Next Week

~20toaster and salwan4

SquidZoid Vs Shadow Huy& GammaGal cheat

Hey people this is the SquidZoid Vs Shadow Huy& GammaGal cheat

In This is one No cheat and look at the video below =)

Bug Squashed + New Puffle Features Launched!

You know wen you play . you have sometimes bugs or  disconnecting know its finish !


And i am back to my website i just was working on me private server guys !

~20toaster and salwan4

123 Party Info

Hey people this is 123 subscriber Party !!!!!!!!! look at the below Info

When:Sunday 6
Where or whitch server : Husky
Place:snow fort
Time:11:00 Cp time

So if your coming i go add people ! and recording . look at the below video

plz comment !


New Pet shop

Hey people  look at the pic below that will be the new pet shop 2011


Q.What’s a brown puffle’s favorite food?

A.Nuts and bolts!


~ 20toaster and salwan4